How do beginners make money as a YouTuber?

 YouTube's growth has made it an important place to make money, and if you follow the beginner's guide I set up, I'll show you how to do it right.

It's a search engine that I've been doing more and more of in recent years (as it's number two in search engine usage and number one in Google) and have discovered many different ways to make money. Along the way, I've been able to see which approach works best and share it with you here.

Now I'm not saying my method is the best or only one, but it works and I'll prove it.

One of the great things about this place is that you can profit from it in many ways, here are just a few:

  • You can sell affiliate products directly through YouTube.
  • You can monetize with ads (as long as you keep your video content non-controversial and clean).
  • You can build an email list on the backend and monetize that method.
  • There are many more options .

But while these options, and any other legitimate options you can find, have advantages, in order for any of them to work, the main things you need to do are:

Here's how to make money with YouTube videos (the key to success):

Creating video content that fits a large, niche audience in order to get targeted views makes the above options really work. In this beginner's guide, I'll show you specific examples of what to do and what to do.

After reading this, your work will follow this guide and do it yourself. If you're new to YouTube and making videos there, you probably can't create viral videos, but that's okay because the goal isn't really to create viral videos, the goal is to stick to the main point I just mentioned is to create for a large niche audience (again) video content, because the views that come with those views will lead to more revenue.

Let's start with affiliate marketing and YouTube (YT):

Affiliate marketing is my main thing ( $1M in sales proof ), I've made a lot of money from YouTube this way ( $20,000 report ), and this is where I'm going to start...

This method is pretty much the same as you use the affiliate marketing method above, but it does become more granular depending on the niche topic you're involved in. If you come to me and ask how to promote your product on YT, I will ask, what is the actual product? Is it really a product or a service?

If it's a product, then my advice is as follows:

Find the best niche audience for the above product and create videos that fit the popular topics of that product. As an example, let's say the product in question is some kind of diet book. I suggest you figure out which audiences like the diet book and make videos on the topic of dieting and discuss controversial topics, then explain how your diet book can help and link to product pages.

If it's a service (like bankruptcy service) then my advice is:

With a personal blog or official website, you can first collect leads and help bankruptcy services. Then head over to YouTube, make your own channel and start creating videos where you can talk about the various bankruptcy issues you've had. Each video should cover a different branch of bankruptcy, and you should use your question title, such as the one that many people have asked about the subject.

Then, with every video you create, link back to your blog so people can visit it and hire you for your services.

A nice extra tip:

No matter what field you're involved in, check out other videos on the topic and see how many views other competing channels are getting. Use the ideas they're talking about to create your own (unique) content.

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