The United States was injured in 49 million last year, and three prompts need to be remembered.

 Last year, about 49 million consumers in the United States were killed by identity fraud. The loss is about 56 billion yuan.

Research institutions Javelin Strategy & Research announced in late March, with a compassion of the identity of 13 billion yuan due to the so-called "Traditional Identity Fraud), network criminals steal victim's profile , By leak data, etc. from it.

However, the most important loss last year was 43 billion yuan due to the identity and scams, criminals directly interact with consumers, and steal personal messages by automatic voicephors (Robocalls) and network phishing emails. Personal messages, These victims have an average of 1100 yuan per person.

Javelin Strategy & Research Scam and Safety Chief Analyst Bazard (John Buzzard) said that the identity fraud has been visible to the time required for criminals directly locking consumers to steal personal identity messages.

A epidemic has changed significantly, and the criminals are aiming at digital wallets and Apple Pay, Zelle's point payment method. Last year, about 18 million people were scammed during operation of these payment methods.

Standard Protection Servers General Assistance Global Standards and Internet Protection Perform Changshaffer said that the fraud culture is being transferred, and the epidemic allows families and companies to have more security vulnerabilities.

Regardless of how the identity fraud changes, there is often a warning in advance. The following three major alerts are worth paying special:

First Alert: No call or email

Scam technology has different new months. The fraud is more likely to fake a variety of institutions than ever, and the government agencies such as the National Taxation Bureau, and even the most favorite retailer of consumers, not amended. Experts suggest that people avoid answering unknown calls, with them directly, it is better to resist residentiar, let the caller go to the voicemail message, then listen to the message and then judge the authenticity.

If you initially judge what you think should be reached from government agencies, don't act rashly, you can go to the official website to view the contact phone or email, take the initiative to call or send a reply, don't call directly to the call number, so as to avoid .

If you answer the phone, you must remember that US government agencies will not ask you to pay for receiving information or services. In addition, government agencies usually do not call, pass the newsletter or contact the people through the community media, and request social security Code, bank account message or credit card number, just receive someone contact you and requests the information, ten eight nine is the scam.

Second alert: high pressure tactics

Another important feature of fraud calls or emails is: they always say that you need to provide sensitive messages immediately. If the other 100,000 fires want you to work immediately, or if you don't take immediate action, you may have lost your loss, usually Red warning signal.

Internet Security BTB Security Management Partner Schlecht recommends that no matter if you receive any call or email, don't worry, first breathe, don't hurry to buy anything or disclose any message.

In addition, you should do understand the latest scams and data leak trends, and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) always master the trend of fraud, and issues the latest alerts discovered to consumers, and may wish to register for the institution website. Email provides the latest information, or visit the agency's new coronary virus fraud page.

Third alert: Outdated password

The fraudulent acquisition of people's account login messages from the past few years of data leaks, thus derived many scams.

For self-insurance, please check the password regularly to see if it is blocked. Search Engine Google offers free password check tools that can be displayed for attack or destruction, in addition, websites such as help find whether the email is disclosed.

Identity Theft Resource Center Operation James. James Lee said that regular update passwords help to block others unauthorized login account; often change the password is very inconvenient, even very painful, but must do, but don't comprehensively use the same new password, but to target Each account creates a unique password, which can be used with song names or book names, easily remember.

The longer the password, the safer, the safer; Mr. Li said that the fraud uses an encryption tool to solve a six-character password only in a few seconds, but to crack a 12-character password that combines letters and numbers. ten years.

Even if the security password is used when logging in, Mr. Li still suggests that the account is used to use a two-factor identity verification. This is not only to enter the password, but also to confirm the special code sent to the mobile phone or the newsletter, safe double.

The United States was injured in 49 million last year, and three prompts need to be remembered. The United States was injured in 49 million last year, and three prompts need to be remembered. Reviewed by Love share on 6/17/2021 Rating: 5

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