Investment Bitcoin this country's people earn up to

 Bitcoin prices have been bigger, and many millions of dollars have born. The United States is a big profit of $ 4.1 billion last year, and the first of the countries, China ranks second, earn $ 1.1 billion.

Taiwan's Bitcoin investors also $ 200 million (about 10.54 billion yuan), which is less than South Korea and Vietnam.

New York Research Municipality ChainaAalog estimates that US traders have profitted 41 billion US dollars from Bitcoin last year, three times higher than those of China's investors, Japan's Bitcoin investors have realized the third, estimated to be 9 $ 100 million, higher than the UK, Russia and Germany.

This report lists the top 25 countries with the highest profit last year.

Taiwan's Bitcoin investors have achieved profit by $ 200 million last year, ranking 23, only higher than Belgium and Thailand, ranking in Asian countries, also below Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and India. The profit of South Korea and Vietnamese investors is estimated to be 400 million US dollars. CHAINALYSIS said this estimation data is extracted by trading data that traces encrypting currency services.

For the 2020 active Bitcoin traders, the profit is not difficult, especially Bitcoin, at the end of last year, rising nearly 310% year-round. The CHAINALYSIS researchers said: "The number of investors in almost all countries (Bitcoin) has increased in the end of last year."

Encrypted currency has attracted the investment of retail and professional traders around the world. In part, this is to believe that such currencies can become anti-PHIC in the central bank, and others hope to quickly fluctuate. Get rich.

At the end of last year, in the event of a well-known investor, the market set off the encrypted currency investment frenzy. At the beginning of this year, it continued for a long trend, and in April, it broke over in May.

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