Google AdSense ads are restricted. Is it related to Analytics?

 Hello, everyone, I believe you are setting up a blog. After successfully joining Google AdSense ads, I am very happy. I click on the Google AdSense homepage every day, intentionally or unintentionally, to see if I get some revenue, right?

But have you ever seen that today's revenue reached a certain number a few minutes ago, but when you come back later, the number suddenly dropped? This is because you did not add your own IP to the filter list.

Install Google Analytics on the blog

There are many benefits of installing Google Analytics on your blog. For example, you can see the number of views of all articles, reading time, and the growth of the number of active people. You can know which article your blog is favored, and further plan to write that. Aspects of the article to improve the viewing of the public.

However, when advertising on Google AdSense, it will not distinguish the viewers from which IP. For example, if I reorganize my blog or preview articles, I will record "thousand impressions bid". If I click on the IP repeatedly, the number of views is abnormal. Many, Google AdSense will detect the difference and deduct the estimated income. If you have seen the estimated income of 1.XX US dollars from the original, and watched it back to 0 after a few hours, it is really not worth the loss.

In fact, at first I thought it was normal for the estimated benefit to be unavailable for a while. Until a few days ago, I received a letter from GOOGLE "AdSense account’s ad serving function is restricted".

Add your own IP to exclude traffic statistics

In order to avoid inexplicably deducting the estimated income, we must add our IP on Google Analytics as an IP that does not count.

First, "Manage" at the bottom left of the Google Analytics homepage.

Then click the "filter" on the right

Then select "+Add Filter".

Then click New Filter, "Filter Name" depends on how you want to name it, define it in advance, select "Exclude", "Traffic from IP Location", "Equal to", and then key your own IP.

Just google the first website of "My IP" directly with your own IP.

Then save the case.

At this time, go back to your blog case F5 and reorganize it to see if the number of visitors has been increased. If not, the setting is successful.

The disadvantage of not adding your own IP to "exclude traffic statistics"

Since I didn't know much about blogging at the time, I didn't realize the crisis of not adding my IP to "exclude traffic statistics".

After receiving a letter from GOOGLE that "AdSense account's ad serving function is restricted", my blog suddenly couldn't publish ads, which greatly reduced my enthusiasm for running blogs.

I am also now quickly online to check whether other bloggers have encountered this phenomenon, and then I realized the importance of adding my IP to "exclude traffic statistics". If I keep improving, my blog may not be able to publish Google ads forever.

If the readers are just like me who set up by themselves without expert guidance, I think this sharing of my experience will definitely help you a lot!
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