California revised the workplace epidemic prevention ruled that there was no need to wear a mask after vaccination

 The California Regulatory Unit approved the modified workplace epidemic prevention provisions, allowing employees who have completed new crown vaccination, and the freedom to do not derive the mask in the same place in the workplace.

California Occupational Safety and Health Standards Board, CAL / OSHA) In the absence of a member, in the absence of a member, the number of 5-to-1 votes passed the newly revised workplace epidemic prevention provisions. The new workplace epidemic prevention rule has now in accordance with California's comprehensive reopening guidelines that entered into force in force, and disseminate most of the masks of the completed vaccination.

GAVIN NEWSOMs signed an administrative order after Cal / OSHA, and immediately signed an administrative order and exempt the 10-day legal review procedure for general needs. Therefore, the new regulation will take effect immediately after being handed over to State.

Eric Berg, deputy director of the CAL / OSHA Health Department, said the new regulations apply to the vast majority of California, including offices, factories and retail stores, which can ensure that labor can be taken from normal operation or near normal operation. protection.

Now, unless the epidemic is burst, or if you need a specific place to wear a mask, such as the mass transportation system and school classroom have completed the vaccination, it does not need to wear a mask in the workplace, and you don't have to maintain a social distance, even with infected people. I closely contact, and it is not necessary to receive viral detection or isolation unless symptoms occur.

The new regulations require that the employer must confirm and record employees who do not wear masks indoors have completed vaccination. Employers have the right to require employees to present inoculation proof, or allow employees to verbally report the vaccination status, but must be marked on the latter.

In addition, employers have the right to request that all employees continue to wear masks, regardless of whether employees have vaccinated. Employees of vaccinated vaccines also have the right to continue to wear masks and are not retalled.

The business group required to modify the property of the workplace is not enough to change the change in Cal / OSHA, and I hope that California can formulate regulations in accordance with the latest US Disease Prevention Center (CDC) Guide.

On the 17th, the Safety Expert Stock (Laura Stock), a workplace security expert who investigated against the ticket, warned everyone, the epidemic has not ended. She said: "There is actual consequence here: people may be sick or died in the workplace infectious viruses."

Stark believes that the new rules have canceled the regulations of the social distance and interval in the workplace and allows employees to verbally report the condition of vaccination. And it is too dependent on vaccination, obviously too relaxation.

Cal / OSHA has two weeks to modify the workplace epidemic prevention provisions in the past two weeks, and the first proposed amendment has been rejected. The revised proposal is not wearing a mask because all employees are required to do the same space, and it is abolished.

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