Three ways to change a WordPress user name

Have you ever tried to change your username but found no place to change it? If so, this article is exactly what you need. In this article we'll show you three different ways to change your WordPress username.

Method 1: Create a new user, then delete the old user

The easiest way to change your WordPress username is to create a new admin account with the username you want. Of course, you will need to register with a different email address than your previous account.

Then log out your current account and log in again with your new account. In the User module, click the Delete link under the old user name.

When deleting an old user, WordPress asks you what to do with the content that user has posted. Make sure you check "Change the author of this content to:" and select the new user you just created. Click the "confirm delete" button to delete the old user.

This has successfully changed your user name. If you like, you can change the email address of your new account to that of your old one.

Method 2: Use the plug-in to change the user name

Another easy way to change a user name is to use a plug-in. If you don't want to install a plugin for the sake of trivia, you can remove the plugin completely after you change the user name.

First install and enable the Username Changer plug-in. When enabled, go to the "User" - "My Personal Information" page. Click the "Change Username" link after "Username". The input box will be activated. Enter the Username you want, and then click the "Save Username" button to Save it. After saving, you need to login again with a new user name.

Method 3:Modify the WordPress user name with phpMyAdmin

This method is a bit more complicated because you need to modify your database directly. In general we do not recommend that users modify the database directly, but in some cases you may have no other choice. For example, if you forget your username and the email address you used when you signed up, you won't be able to log into the admin background and change the username.

This method allows you to find the user name and modify it.

First, you need to log in to cPanel, find the database section, and click phpMyAdmin.

Then, select the database to which your blog connects.

You'll see the WordPress spreadsheet. WordPress prefixes tables with wp_ by default, but you may have prefixed tables with other characters.

Click the wp_users table on the left, and then click the Edit link in front of the user you want to change.

Change the value of user_login to whatever you want. For example, you can change "wolly" to "joker".

Click the "Execute" button and you are done.

So those are the three ways to change your WordPress username correctly. I hope this article helps you.

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